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Best Cat Tree & Scratcher: Sauder Modular Modern Cat Tower

Find out why I love the Sauder cat tree.

My Pick: Sauder Modular Modern Cat Tower

Why I love it:

  • #1 reason, it looks like furniture
  • Easy to clean, just use a vacuum arm with a brush accessory
  • Horizontal & vertical scratching options
  • Different materials for scratching options:
    • Molded bristle on side and on separate nesting piece
    • Corrugated box on top of tower
  • Soft cat bed in nesting piece with washable exterior
  • Tower and nesting area can share the same space, or you can move the bed so it’s separate from the tower
  • Only con: the toy lasted about a day #beakythebandit
Gray and white cat in bow tie
Beaker, Male cat, 2 years

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By LizsKittyBootCamp

I foster cats and kittens, specializing in behavioral cases.

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