Cat on cat tree
Bucky has the most beautiful green eyes.

Name: Bucky

Age: 5 yrs

Color: Bicolor/Piebald Tabby

Status: Terrified, but improving. Now enjoy pets and scratches and has started to purr (after 2 months of work). Still needs another est. 2 months. Has broken fang that needs to be removed.

cat in cat tree
Bucky’s right eye has a clogged tear duct, but it’s more of an annoyance than anything.

Bucky was the most fearful cat to ever enter boot camp (but also possibly the most handsome). During his first few days, he barely moved. He would lay in his bed and pee himself. He had to be hand fed because he was too scared to walk to his food bowl. It was heartbreaking.

After a few months, Bucky is gaining confidence. He’s started exhibiting marking behavior by rubbing his face on objects, which is huge because he’s confident enough to claim the space he’s in. He loves chin scratches and always likes to play. An owner who could be very in tune to his behavior and habits would be best. He doesn’t mind other cats.

Interested in adopting Bucky? Please contact me.