Cat Behavior Consulting Services

Understand Your Cat

Cat behavior is complex. Do you need help with your cat? My name is Liz, and I’m here to help.

My goal is to help every cat be their best self, and help every owner understand their cat. Although my blog is full of articles, I realize you sometimes need one-on-one advice, which is why I designed my cat behavior consulting packages.

A quick background on me. I specialize in fostering and helping shy, aggressive, and fearful cats for a number of rescues in the PA, NJ, and NYC area. I have a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington, and I’m also the behavior consultant and content director for My Lovely Feline, a cat products company.

Choose Your Cat Behavior Consulting Package

Please review the packages below. At this time, the Basic package is available nationally, but the Pro package is only available to cat owners in the Philadelphia area (PA & NJ).

Basic $110

For cat owners looking for a little guidance on more simple questions.

Great for basic information, like preparing for a new cat, moving, proper litter box maintenance, and more. Includes:

  • 40-minute video call
  • Follow-up email of basic recommendations and links to resources with more information
  • 1 week of email support

Pro $285

For cat owners who want more in-depth and customized recommendations.

Ideal for specific cats with more complicated issues like aggression, marking, and more. Includes:

  • 60-90-minute in-home visit
  • Follow-up email with complete assessment report along with detailed instructions for next steps
  • 30 days of email support
  • 1 follow-up video or phone call

Nonprofits Special Rates

I have a very special place in my heart for rescue organizations. Thank you for all you do. Please reach out to me for special rates on both packages.

Please complete the form if you’d like to inquire about my services. Keep in mind there is very limited availability and priority is given to vet referrals.