Boot camp arrival: 12/26/2017


  • Impulse control aggression with cats and humans
  • Generalized fear
  • Fear aggression
  • IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Sensitive skin


Lucy has been a challenge from day one, BUT she is night and day from how she started (when she couldn’t even be touched). Everyone she meets is hesitant at first, but quickly falls in love with her. She was formerly neglected and abused, so she obviously has some emotional issues. I’m looking for an adopter who won’t push her, will let her be the only pet, and will give her the space AND love she needs. This is not an average cat – she is extraordinary in many ways.

  • Very bad case of FAD (flea allergy dermatitis; skin condition); likely nerve damage

Before and after of black and white cat with FAD

  • Severe neglect, resulting in trust issues
  • Excessive growling
  • Indoor/Outdoor cat that was likely fighting for resources
  • Sight of other animals sends her into flight or fight mode
  • Neglect caused her brain to develop abnormally; she is stimulated more easily than other cats
  • Highly food/treat motivated
  • IBD causes abdominal discomfort and GI tract issues like constipation
Tuxedo cat in red collar
Miss Lucy is a gorgeous kitty with the silkiest fur.


  • One pet home
  • Experienced, patient owner
  • Lots of understanding and love
  • Daily play to decrease anxiety
  • Grain free, high protein food (currently on Pure Balance Turkey)
  • Window perch
  • Medications:
    • Gabapentin, 100mg, 2x a day (manages anxiety and pain)
    • Purina FortiFlora proboitic powder, 1 packet a day with food
    • 1/4 of 15mg tablet of Mirtazipine every 3 days
    • Optional: Hemp seed oil; Feliway spray
  • Medical Treatment:
    • Acupuncture 1x monthly or as needed for anxiety and IBD
    • Ultrasound annually to check IBD

Want to adopt Lucy?

Please email for more information.