grey and white cat hugging woman
Sir Buttons loves to hug.
grey and white cat
Sir Buttons poses for the camera.

Name: Sir Buttons

Age: 3-5 yrs.

Color: Grey & White

Current Status: Total love. Literally hugs.

History: Sir Buttons was adopted and returned because his owners said all he did was growl and hide in the basement (even though they were instructed to keep him in one small room to get adjusted to their home). He became very sick and broke with an upper respiratory infection due to stress. ACO officers had to come get him from the basement. He was extremely grouchy, and was soon timestamped for euthanasia because of his cold.

close-up of grey and white cat
Sir Buttons has an adorable mustache.

Foster Care: It took about two hours in my home, but once he knew he was safe, he totally opened up to me. All he wanted was to be in my lap and hug me, like a person. He nudges his head into your hand when he wants pets (like a dog). His cold quickly cleared but I noticed his teeth and gums were terrible.

grey and white cat looks lovingly at woman
Find someone who looks at you the way Sir Buttons looks at me.

Turned out, he had multiple dental issues, and when he went for a cleaning, they ended up extracting nine problem teeth due to a variety of reasons, including resorptive lesions, enamel defects, furcation, and osseous recession. He’s still healing, but is almost there.

What Home Sir Buttons Needs: Sir Buttons needs a home where he can get plenty of attention and playtime. He gets along very well with cats and is a total sweetheart. Because he’s a young adult male that physically matured before being neutered, he is a large boy with tons of energy. Play will be crucial to draining that energy. He’s super affectionate, and if he isn’t getting enough attention, he’ll seek it out.

Interested in adopting Sir Buttons? Contact me.