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All I Want for Christmas Is to Be a Cat Boss Babe

Female cat lovers are Cat Boss Babes. Let’s put the Crazy Cat Lady stereotype to bed.

Let’s Put an End to the Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype

All I want for Christmas in 2019 is to be a Cat Boss Babe, and not a Crazy Cat Lady. If you’re reading this, you probably like cats, and if you’re a female, you’ve probably been referred to as a Crazy Cat Lady. It’s usually followed by giggles and a, “I’m kidding. Just having fun with you.”

But I’m not having fun.

I Don’t Have Rollers in My Hair

woman and cat boss babe next to christmas tree with cat ornaments
Notice the cat ornaments, because I am a Cat Boss Babe.

Look, I get it, stereotypes often exist because there’s an pattern of people who fit a profile. But let me tell you, the crazy cat lady is a stereotype for an animal hoarder (which is a condition that require psychiatric and psychological assistance). I know tons of cat lovers, and none of them have 20 cats, a house that smells like ammonia, rollers in their hair and wear dirty, holey bathrobes 24/7.

Cat Boss Babes I know have beautiful hair: straight, curly, long, short, blond, brunette, red, grey, black, pink, purple … all types and styles, and they look amazing.

Do we wear jammies at home? Of course we do, but if you say you don’t rock yoga pants at home, I’m calling shenanigans.

I Clean My House

Here’s the other thing, if you are a true Cat Boss Babe, you clean your house, because you love your cats and you don’t want them living in a dirty house. You know you have a lot of cats, and you know cats pee and poop all day. Those litter boxes are always scooped (often daily) and dumped frequently. You try different types of litter and boxes until you find the right combo for your animals.

“Your house is so clean. It smells good in here. I’m surprised because you have so many cats.”

Well, I’m a Cat Boss Babe and not a disgusting, dirty person! My fellow Cat Boss Babes also have super clean houses. We know it’s important, and we stay on top of it.

My Photo Gallery Has More Cats Than People

Woman and cat boss babe kissing cat ornament
Marie from Artistocats looks like my resident Dolly, so my mom, who knows I’m a Cat Boss Babe, got me this ornament from Hallmark.

“All you have are cats on your phone.”

Yup, and all you have 47 pics of your kid getting ready to blow out candles.

Look, we all take pictures of what we’re interested in. Whether cats, kids, selfies, food, gym progress pics (side angle, bent leg, waistband pulled up to accent the glutes), it doesn’t matter, you take pics of whatever makes you happy, and I do the same.

In all honesty, I take a lot of pictures of my cats and fosters now because of this blog and the social media pages attached to it. Since living things move A LOT, I take a ton of pics, knowing I will only have a handful of non-blurry ones.

I Do Other Things Besides Pet Cats

All Cat Boss Babes have a lot of hobbies outside of cats, and I’m no different.

I love to cook, especially Italian. Cucumber martinis are my #1. The gym is one of my favorite places, and I wonder what the weights are doing when I’m not there. I love anything purple, and think everything should be covered glitter, sequins, and jewels. High heels are more comfy than sneakers. You will go deaf and feel the need to go to confession after watching an Eagles football game with me. My music taste crosses the genres, from pop to hip hop to country, but I take piano lessons and only want to play classical. I’m obsessed with true crime and psychological profiling, to the point that I sat on the last chapter in the book Mindhunter by the amazing John Douglas for WEEKS because I didn’t want it to be over. My home is my sanctuary, and I’m always looking for new house projects.

I’m not alone in this. Ask any Cat Boss Babe, and she has a list of things she likes to do and hobbies outside of her beloved felines.

From Now on, I’m a Cat Boss Babe

woman and cat boss babe next to tree with cat ornament
It’s official: I’m a Cat Boss Babe.

I think I’ve made my point. We are not Crazy Cat Ladies – we are Cat Boss Babes. We love and appreciate these little intelligent, independent, and hysterical animals, along with all of their quirks. Our hair is gorgeous, and our jammies are clean and holeless, because, let’s face it – we’d probably make some sort of kitty blanket if we had a sweatshirt with a hole in it.

Happy Meow-i-days to you. Thank you for being awesome.

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