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Pet Cancer Part IV: Raise Funds & Financially Plan

Discover the different ways you can raise funds and financially plan to help with cancer treatment for your pet.

Pet cancer is scary. The expense associated with treatment can be just as scary, but you don’t need to be a millionaire to do it. I’ll share a few ways for you to raise funds and financially plan so you can still treat your pet’s condition.

Ask Your Oncologist for Help

Start with the expert first. Ask if there are any payment plans at the hospital, or if they can do some sort of sliding scale for treatment. Many vets understand the expense is a lot, so if they can work with you on pricing, they will.


GoFundMe allows you to set up a campaign, and digitally collect funds safely and securely. It’s free (and easy) to setup, and processing fees are deducted from each donation.

A few tips:

  • Be honest and direct about how the funds will be used.
  • Reach out to people you know will want to help your pet. I do not recommend sending it to everyone you know.
  • Share the campaign on social media.
  • Be ready to share the address with anyone who asks you. By just talking about it with people you meet, you might find someone who wants to help.

I arranged a GoFundMe for Vito, and a number of people donated. It was a huge help toward his 2nd surgery.

Visit to get started.

Sell Goods

My Insta post for Vito’s Pawty. We also served Meow-mosas … the puns were out of control.

For Vito, I arranged a bake “sale,” but not really. I put out a bunch of baked goods at work, and when people stopped by, I explained what they were for. They were not forced to buy anything – in fact, they could just grab a brownie and go. But if they wanted to contribute, there was a cup where they could drop their cash. It wasn’t a big fundraiser, but it was a fun way to raise awareness, eat goodies, and sip meow-moas.

I’ve seen people make or ask a friend make different items, like cat toys. Then, they advertise that a small portion of the proceeds goes toward their cat’s treatment. I really like this idea because it 1) Helps promote the artist 2) The donor gets something tangible in return 3) It helps you raise funds and awareness. You can promote it on social media, or even stop by your local cafe or coffee shop and ask if they’ll help you by selling the items.

Cat with cookies
Ben’s amazing mom had cookies made with his likeness.


There are a number or organizations that help people afford treatment. One of your best bets is to Google and see what you can find locally. Here are a few non-profits to get you started (you can also donate if you don’t need these resources but want to help other):

The Brodie Fund

The Brodie Fund helps pets and their families afford cancer treatment through grants. Your pet must be a patient of a participating veterinarian and that veterinarian must complete the application. Follow The Brodie Fun on Insta at @thebrodiefund to see all the amazingly wonderful pets and families they help. Learn more here.

The Riedel & Cody Fund

The Riedel & Cody Fund helps pay for your pet’s cancer treatment. It does not cover surgery, but covers other treatments your oncologist determines are necessary. You can apply after a confirmed cancer diagnosis from your pet’s oncologist (not your regular vet). Learn more here.

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

The Ones & Breezy Foundation helps where pets with a “medical hardship is present.” Learn more here.

Karma Sue

Karma Sue helps Coloradan families afford cancer treatment for their pets. Learn more here.


CareCredit allows you to pay off health-related expenses with no interest. You need to apply and make sure your vet accepts it (not all of them do), but it’s a nice way to pay off large vet bill over a period of months. This is even a good option for ER visits and unexpected medical expenses. Learn more here.

Low-Interest Credit Card Plans

Some credit cards, like AMEX, allow you to pay off a large expense with no interest after an upfront fee. Research your credit cards and give them a call to see what options they can offer you.

Get Creative

Hopefully, this post gives you a few ideas for how to raise funds for your pet’s treatment. Through GoFundMe and my Pawy for a Cause, I raised funds for most of Vito’s 2nd surgery. Next, I’ll share all about Vito’s 2nd surgery and chemo treatment.

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