Eyes Health

Uncommon Cat Eye Conditions: Eosinophilic Keratitis

Just like in humans, cats can develop rare and odd conditions that you don’t commonly hear about. I shouldn’t have been surprised when the most dramatic cat in my pride, Dolly, developed a weird eye condition. Let’s take a look at eosinophilic keratitis – pronounced e-oh-sin-oh-feel-ick care-ah-tight-iss. Eye Spy: Cloudy Spot While petting my cat […]

Foster Diary Health Teeth

Foster Diary: The Curious Case of Sir Buttons’ Teeth

Lesson Learned: Always check a cat’s teeth to monitor dental disease. If you see any sort of inflammation, plaque, or tartar along the gumline, see your vet immediately – your cat could be in pain. Sir Buttons3-5 year old domestic shorthairGray and white tuxedoSupposedly growly and mean – actually a love bugGums extremely red along […]

Aggression/Anxiety/Fear Behavior Health

Gabapentin: Miracle Drug for Anxious Cats

Discover how gabapentin helps overly anxious cats have more normal lives.

Health Hygiene Parasites

Parasites in Cats: Tapeworms & Their Rice Grain Butts

Meet a tapeworm and learn how he gets into your cat, what he does while he’s in there, and how to get him out!


TNR Explained and How One Shelter Does It Right

Understand how TNR (trap, neuter, return) works, why it’s important, and how one large city shelter supersizes efforts to tackle cat overpopulation.

Activity/Playing/Training Aggression/Anxiety/Fear Behavior Health

Why You Need a Cat Wheel from One Fast Cat

A cat wheel can help your cat with weight loss, anxiety, playtime, and boredom. Learn which cat wheel to get and how to train your cat to use it.

Feline Panleukopenia Foster Diary Health

Foster Diary: 10ish Things I Learned About Feline Panleukopenia

Learn all about the virus feline panleukopenia, including what cat populations are most at-risk, symptoms, treatments, prevention and more.

Allergies Health

Medicine & Cats Part III: Environmental Allergies

Discover how to develop a treatment plan for a cat struggling with allergies.

GI Disease Health

Medicine & Cats Part II: GI Disease & Arthritis

Discover what medicines and supplements can help a senior kitty who fights GI disease and arthritis.