See the kitties currently at Liz’s Kitty Boot Camp.

These are my current Boot Campers, all being fostered for rescues in the PA/NJ/NYC area. Please contact me if you’re interested in adopting one (or more) of them.


Gentle giant and dapper gentleman.

Entering into his golden years, Rusty is an 11-year-old declawed boy who is best described as a gentle giant. He enjoys chilling, eating Temptations, and playing with wand toys. He lives with 6 other cats in foster care. Although he coexists, I wouldn’t say he’s buddies with any of them. Given this, I can say he can be around other cats, but may not be a good fit if you are looking for a buddy for an already existing pet. Please apply with Fishtails Animal Rescue.


Sweet, semi-feral, Frannie.

Frannie is a very special boy. He’s 8 years old, and he lost his home in an outdoor cat colony when the owners sold the property. The colony was adopted but Frannie is semi-feral and is the only one left. Although he rarely allows any touching, Frannie loves to be around people and play. He also doesn’t mind other cats. He will take tube treats from you and even allow you to pet him with a back scratcher. We’re looking for a forever home where Frannie can just be Frannie. Please apply with Animal Lifeline Inc. to adopt Fran Fran.

Support Rescues & Shelters

Please consider adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering with any of these organizations.

Philadelphia’s Open-Intake Shelter

Limited-Admission Shelters


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