Adoptables at Boot Camp

See the kitties currently at Liz’s Kitty Boot Camp.

These are my current Boot Campers, all being fostered for rescues in the PA/NJ area. Please contact me if you’re interested in adopting one (or more) of them.

To get a foster on the waiting list to come to Boot Camp, you must be a nonprofit in the area, and provide full health records and detailed background on why the cat would benefit from training. At this time, I only work with fosters.


These two look like twins!

Morty, 5, was rescued when he approached a home and was very friendly. They recognized he had an injured paw, and got him help immediately.

Bella had a much sadder start to life. She was rescued at 5 months old when the PSPCA was alerted a kitten was being abused. They investigated and found her in rough shape. After lots of medical care, support, and love, she’s now around 9 months old and is happy kitty.

Morty and Bella have a ton of energy and love to play. Please apply to adopt them at Fishtails Animal Rescue..


Tabby cat on indoor bridge
Ava chills on a cat wall bridge.

Ava is 5 years old and quite the independent lady. She is extremely loving and affectionate, but also has a sassy side. She must be the only pet, and is a fantastic companion if you don’t need personal space haha. Please apply with Whiskers of Love.


Orange and white cat
Gentle giant.

Entering into his golden years, Rusty is an 11-year-old declawed boy who is best described as a gentle giant. He enjoys chilling, eating Temptations, and playing with wand toys. He lives with 6 other cats in foster care. Although he coexists, I wouldn’t say he’s buddies with any of them. Given this, I can say he can be around other cats, but may not be a good fit if you are looking for a buddy for an already existing pet. Please apply with Fishtails Animal Rescue.

Rescues & Shelters

Please consider adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering with any of these organizations.

Philadelphia’s Open-Intake Shelter

Limited-Admission Shelters


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