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Why You Need a Cat Wheel from One Fast Cat

A cat wheel can help your cat with weight loss, anxiety, playtime, and boredom. Learn which cat wheel to get and how to train your cat to use it.

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Best Toys: Yeowww!® Catnip Products

Raise your hand if this has happened to you: You find the coolest cat toy ever. It’s amazing. It’s got feathers. It says it has catnip. It’s everything your cat could want and more. You excitedly bring it home, pull it out of the bag, give it to your cat and … he walks away […]

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The Lucy Chronicles: Predicting Unpredictable Cat Behavior from Impulse Control Aggression

Learn the ins and outs of impulse control aggression in cats.

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Thinks & Blinks: Dead Gifts = Hunting Lessons 101

Learn why cats bring home dead animals.

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Best Cat Shelves: ContempoCat Wall Steps

Discover an attractive and affordable cat furniture solution with ContempoCat Wall Climbing Steps.

Activity/Playing/Training Kitty Kare Korner

Kitty Kare Korner: DIY Cat Shelves

How to build cat shelves on your own … with a little help from Home Depot.