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Hissy? Swatty? Bitey? Gimmie!

The moment I fell in love with fostering.

A few years ago I started volunteering

I chose a charity at PetSmart because it was close to my home and everyone was super nice. It was a satellite location for the city’s intake shelter, ACCT Philly. I went in almost every day and play with the difficult cats and kittens. I just wanted to help them relieve some stress and anxiety from being kenneled all day.

It was easy, fun, and low stress

I was completely disinterested in fostering until I feel in love with this little black kitten, Toad.

Toad was suffering with a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) or a kitty cold.

He and another cat, Eduarda, had developed kitty colds and needed to be treated with antibiotics offsite for 10 days. I opened my home and heart to them – and I was hooked.

Eduarda was battling a kitty cold and had to be taken care of off-site and on antibiotics for 10 days.

I began fostering more and more difficult cats and kittens, and sharing my experiences with others.

I was learning a lot, but there was a lot I already knew. People were coming to me with all sorts of questions and asking for advice. I started hearing, “Liz, start a blog.” “You should have a YouTube channel.”

I was so confused. I’m not Jackson Galaxy or the Kitten Lady. Why would anyone care WTH I have to say?

It changed when someone much smarter than me said I had a gift.

By LizsKittyBootCamp

Hi, I'm Liz, and I'm a cat behaviorist who provides advice and insights on cat behavior.

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