Aggression/Anxiety/Fear Handling Health Lucy Chronicles

The Lucy Chronicles: Cat Acupuncture

How animal acupuncture works and what to expect during a session.

Activity/Playing/Training Behavior Thinks & Blinks

Dead Gifts: Why Your Cat Is Showing You How to Hunt

Learn why cats bring home dead animals.

Lucy Chronicles Training

Treat Progression to Simple Cat Tricks

Teach a cat to trust you through treat progression and tricks.

Kitty Kare Korner Peeing/Pooping

Cat Litter Box Basics

Learn how you can prevent cats from pooping outside the litter box.

Foster Diary Health

A-CHOO! Kitty Colds & URIs

Review of the annoying kitty cold and how to treat it.

Peeing/Pooping Thinks & Blinks

Why Your Cat Might Be Peeing Outside the Litter Box

Cats and spite peeing isn’t a thing.

Behavior Lucy Chronicles

The Lucy Chronicles: Unraveling the Aftermath of Cat Neglect & Abuse

Discover how to help an abused or neglected animal adjust to your safe home.

Activity/Playing/Training Kitty Kare Korner

DIY Cat Shelves

How to build cat shelves on your own … with a little help from Home Depot.

Foster Diary Handling

Cellulitis from Cat Bites & How to Treat It

All about cellulitis, the symptoms, and what you need to do to get it treated.