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The Best Cat Products: Scratchers, Toys & More

Discover the best cat products you need to get for your fur babies.

Cat products have really taken off in recent years. I remember when I got my first cat in 2005, there really weren’t a lot of options. Now, it can be almost overwhelming when trying to decide what products are best for your fur babies. To help you, I’ve picked the best of the best cat products in a number of categories including, fountains, toys, litter and much more.

I recruited some help from my fellow blogger and Instagram friend Holly from Cat Care Solutions. Holly does fabulous work and uses her blog to share kitty tips and product recommendations, making her the perfect co-writer for this. Take a look at our product recs, and be sure to visit Holly’s blog (including an article on affordable cat care) and follow her on IG.

One last note regarding links to Amazon products: I am an Amazon Associate, so I earn from qualifying purchases. Holly and I use all the products listed, and we’re sharing them to help you!

Water Fountain

Liz’s Pick: My Lovely Feline – The Magic Feline Fountain

blue cat water fountain
This cat fountain is made by My Lovely Feline. You’ll notice fresh filtered water pours from the spout. The clear container makes it easy to check the water level.

We can’t talk about cat products and not talk about fountains. Everything about The Magic Feline Fountain is a win. Truth be told, My Lovely Feline sent me a thank-you box of their cat products after I did an interview a few years ago. I was using porcelain fountains at the time and didn’t really expect to like this one because it was plastic. My cats and I have absolutely fallen in love with it, and it has outlasted all the other fountains I had. It’s easy to clean, but also stays clean, thanks to a 5-layer main filter, sponge filter and high-quality plastic. The filters can be replaced every two months, and each refill package includes a new main filter and sponge filter. In addition to being quiet, the apple shape and blue color are aesthetically pleasing.

Full disclosure, My Lovely Feline has since hired me as a contractor to write articles for them. I don’t get a commission or anything like that for talking about the fountain. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like or use or wasn’t good for my cats. I’ve since added two more Magic Feline Fountains to my home, and I see no reason to go back. Since I foster, I have a rotation of cats in my home at all times. All the cats always love the fountain, meaning it appeals to a large majority of cats, which is just about the best recommendation you can get!

Holly’s Pick: iPettie Kamino LED Light Pet Water Fountain 3L/101 oz.

In our home of four amazing feline personalities, we have had good luck with this iPettie Kamino fountain. At first, this was a spare fountain I purchased for a semi-feral cat we nursed back to health after a severe upper respiratory infection almost claimed his life. He absolutely fell in love with it and we fell in love with him! He’s now one of our babies and this fountain is the main one we use. 

Like Liz, I typically don’t recommend plastic fountains since some cats can develop allergies, causing acne-like chin bumps that can be painful. We thankfully have not had that issue and the other features on this fountain make it try-worthy:

  1. It has a large capacity, holding 3 liters or 101 ounces. If you have a multicat home, or have dogs as well, you won’t need to fill it every time you walk by. Our cats drink a lot of water and a fill-up usually lasts at least several days. A back-lit water level window on the front makes it easy to know when the water is low. When it needs to be filled, I also clean it with soap and water or disinfect with distilled white vinegar first, if needed.  
  2. It’s extremely easy to clean.There are no nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. It’s as simple to clean as a regular bowl and very easy to disassemble or put back together.
  3. The filters are easy to find replacements for and they do a pretty decent job at keeping the water and pump clean.
  4. This cat fountain produces a “gentle bubbling stream” that most cats find appealing and nonintimidating.
  5. It’s also extremely quiet which is nice and the lighted rim makes it pretty neat to look at for us humans.

For now, our kitties give it a solid 2 paws up!

Puzzle Feeder

Liz’s Pick: Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder is one of the top cat products I recommend to my clients. Foraging and hunting is part of a cat’s instincts, and this little feeder meets both needs. Once the cat learns how to use the mouse, you can hide it around your house and have the cat hunt to find it! I also like the price point (very affordable) and that you can remove the outside mouse “coat” and just use the plastic inside piece if necessary. Always good to have options when working with a species that’s so picky.

Holly’s Pick: CCTEAS Treat Dispensing Feeder Toy

First, let me say that I agree with Liz’s pick 100% and what she said about a cat needing to forage and hunt for their food. Otherwise, we risk having bored, obese, and unhappy cats in our home! That leads to unwanted, destructive behaviors, every time. 

My pick is an option with the same idea as Liz’s pick. The CCTEAS Treat Dispensing Feeder Toy is a mix of a fun tumbler-type toy, has little track balls (our cats love those!), with the challenge of an interactive feeder too. When it comes to cat products, this one is an inexpensive way to entertain your cat and keep them healthy too. 


Liz’s Pick: Best Friends by Sheri 2 in 1 Honeycomb Convertible Cat Bed

One of the things I like most about the Best Friends by Sheri 2 in 1 Honeycomb Convertiable Cat Bed is you can use it two ways: as a little hut or normal bed. The top folds down into a normal cat bed shape. Having the two options is fantastic. The material is super soft and it’s washable – an absolute must for soft fabric cat products. It’s also a decent size, so larger cats will enjoy it too.

Holly’s Pick: Yaheetech 59” cat tree (with hammock)

I’ll have to try my friend Liz’s amazing pick because, in our home, I’ve not had very good luck finding a cat bed that our clan would use and enjoy. However, in 2020, we were introduced to our Yaheetech cat tree and they’re now obsessed!  It has 2 plush beds, a hideaway house, and the most frequented spot — the hammock! Best of all, we’ve had it over two years and it still looks fantastic, even with constant use. (I do clean it regularly).

From Liz: I’m also a fan of Yaheetech cat trees, but I’ve switched to using mostly uncarpeted cat trees. Since I foster, it’s easier to clean and disinfect wood/particleboard trees. If you’re looking for the same type, I recommend Yaheetech 35in Modern Cat Tree or the Yaheetech 52-in. Modern Cat Tree.


Liz’s Pick: Pawmosa Cat Scratcher

When it comes to corrugated box scratchers, the Pawmosa Cat Scratcher is perfect. Not only does it provide horizontal and vertical options for your cat, but cats can also sleep on it. I like to put it by the corners of a couch to encourage scratching the appropriate items. It takes two minutes to set up, then you rub the provided catnip on it and you’re ready to rock.

Holly’s Pick: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Once again, I agree with Liz’s pick because our cats also love the corrugated scratchers. I’ve discovered that having a combination of scratching textures (sisal, cardboard, etc) helps cut down on unwanted scratching elsewhere. This is also true of having vertical and horizontal options for your cat, as Liz mentioned.  

For vertical sisal rope scratching, we love the Yaheetech cat tree I mentioned above. For horizontal scratching, the PetFusion lounger is hard to beat. They are made of tough recycled corrugated cardboard, and good grief, they last! These are also larger in size, making them a great option for multicat homes. It’s called a ‘lounger’ because the curvatures of their design also make it the perfect cozy spot for a refreshing cat nap! If you are low on space in your home, having one piece that doubles as a scratcher and napping spot can be helpful. 

Top 3 Toys

Liz’s 1st Pick: PetLinks Mystery Motion

Bella and Morty are obsessed with this automatic cat toy, as are all of my cats and every foster that’s see it!

Hands down, one of my favorite toys and cat products on the planet and the one I recommend to nearly every cat parent. The PetLinks Myster Motion Automatic Cat Toy has four speeds and a timer so it shuts off after a few minutes. As soon as my cats hear it turn on, they come running! All ages and types enjoy it, and I find it useful for my clients who have super energetic cats. It’s a great way to drain their energy in a productive way.

Liz’s 2nd Pick: Go Cat Catcher Teaser Wand – Mouse

See Ava with the Go Cat Catcher Teaser Wand in action.

A million times yes with Go Cat Catcher Teaser Mouse wand toy (and really, most of the Go Cat cat products are winners!). When moved quickly, the wire isn’t visible to the cat, so the mouse looks like it’s naturally twitching. I had to hide this toy for many years because if I didn’t, my cats destroyed it. One of my favorite things to do is position it in a cat tunnel or near the opening. If you don’t think your cat will like the mouse attachment, you can get a ton of other Go Cat attachments, including a bumble bee, feathers, or even the feather propeller.

Liz’s 3rd Pick: Thin Springs Cat Toy

These springs are fantastic. My cats will knock them around, chase them, and carry them around in their mouths. I like the thin ones because they’re easier for them to carry and move slightly differently than the thicker ones. Let’s not talk about how many of these I have under my furniture.

Holly’s 1st Pick: OurPets Play-n-Squeak Real Birds Toys

Our cats go wild over this OurPets Play-n-Squeak Real Birds Toy! They are “real birds” that make very realistic chirping bird sounds. We have the red cardinal and the feathers definitely mimic that of a real one. Our kiddos toss it up, bat it around, carry it proudly through the house, and just have a grand ol’ time! For a few dollars, they’re thrilled.  

From Liz: My cats love the mouse version of this toy, which also makes realistic rodent squeaks. I think these toys are so effective because they have the look, size, and sound of actual prey. I recommend thinking about which type of prey your cat would like more if you buy one, (but the price point also makes it easy to buy both).

Holly’s 2nd Pick: Fashion’s Talk Furry Rattle Balls

These Fashion Talk Furry Rattle Balls are the go-to toy for my boy Pips. If you have a cat who loves to play fetch, they will probably love these. The balls are just the right size to be picked up and carried around and they’re fuzzy soft too. Unlike the bell balls my cats don’t care for, these have a faint ‘rattle’ sound (kind of like rice inside) that makes them nearly irresistible. They’re more quiet for 3 a.m. play too, ha ha!

Holly’s 3rd Pick: Homemade Cat Toys

Sometimes the best cat products and toys are the ones we make ourselves! And, it may not be as difficult as you think. Let’s face it, sometimes we bring home a toy we just know our cats will go crazy for – and then, it’s a total dud! Making your own cat toys is the perfect way to express love for your favorite feline and your creativity too! There are so many great options from wands to kicker toys and more. Best of all, making your own helps you learn your cat better. With their unique personalities, each cat will prefer different toys and playing styles. This gives you the chance to figure out what they like to play with best before spending hard-earned cash.  


Liz’s Pick: My Lovely Feline Magic Feline Brush

Another item from My Lovely Feline’s line of cat products. I had never used a soft brush like The Magic Feline Brush, but it really won me over. Since the bristles are made of soft silicone, older cats, long-haired cats, and even arthritic cats don’t mind it. The cat in my TikTok is 16 years old and you can see, she loves it. The brush is most effective when wet, so it comes comes with a tiny water spray bottle. If you don’t to use water, you can use shampoo (I used Feline Waterless Foam Wash above). The handle of the brush fits comfortably in your hand too.

Holly’s 1st Pick: Mars Coat-King Bristle Cat Hair Brush

For gathering loose fur, massaging, and shining.

Holly’s 2nd Pick: Shiny Pet Detangling Pet Comb

For detangling mats and longer-haired cats undercoat.

Like many of you might, we have one long-haired kitty and 3 short to medium haired cats. Since their fur textures are also different, having a couple types of combs and brushes works well for each need.  

The Mars Coat-King soft bristle brush helps distribute natural oils throughout your cat’s fur, adding shine and manageability, while also grabbing the loose, shed fur. Most cats seem to think it feels like a really nice pampering spa-day massage. If your cat is new to being brushed, soft bristle brushes are also a great way to get them used to the sensations. 

The Shiny Pet Detangling Pet Comb on the other hand is great for our kiddos that tend to get matted, like long-haired kitties, arthritic or overweight, and older cats. Just a word of caution: Go slow! It’s easy to pull too hard on their sensitive skin. Once a cat associates something bad with that thing in your hand – it’s hard to get them to trust you using it again. Patience is key! Pay attention to how they respond. If they want to get away, let them. Causing stress is the worst thing you can do. Positive associations like giving a treat after a good detangling session, on the other hand, is a great way to bond and build trust too. 

Litter Accessory

Liz’s Pick: Litter Genie XL

If you only get one of these must-have cat products, Callie thinks it should be a Litter Genie.

I don’t know how I ever lived without a Litter Genie pail. My days of saving plastic grocery bags for scooping are done. Also, the Litter Genie XL is amazing. The earliest pails were smaller but I slowly replaced them with the larger ones. I have tried using generic refill bags, but I haven’t found any I like, so I stick to Litter Genie refill bags. They are excellent at odor control and make the whole scooping process easier. There is now a new model out with wheels called the Litter Genie Easy Roll.

Holly’s Pick: High Quality Litter-Trapping Mat

Once again, I agree with Liz completely about the Litter Genie system. It’s great and an easy recommendation for many cat parents. She’s right about the odor control too; it’s pretty much impossible to beat when it comes to litter-related cat products.

My litter accessory choice is a high-quality litter mat. No matter which litter you choose, there’s bound to be some tracking through your house. But, it’s possible to have less of it. There are tons of litter mats on the market; some being more decorative than functional. This one is pretty innovative. It has two layers: The top layer is spongy soft and has honeycomb-like holes that allows the litter to fall into a pouch-like second layer. All you have to do is position the mat over your litter box and open the ‘pouch’ layer to pour the loose litter back into the box. 

The mat is also waterproof and easy to clean for when sanitization is needed. It’s an easier way to keep the litter where it belongs – not all over your house! It saves you clean-up time too.


Liz’s Pick: Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Litter

Cat with bag of litter
Fabulous odor control and works a lot like clay.

One of my top cat products and obsessions is Smart Cat grass seed litter. Although I love pine pellets for odor control, not all my cats enjoy stepping on the pellets. No matter what I try, it seems the more granulated “clay-type” stuff is what most cats prefer. Grass seed litter clumps like clay but has better odor control (in my opinion). It also seems to last longer, and is easier to clean out of the litter box. 

Holly’s Pick: Frisco Multi-Cat Litter

Liz and I must think a lot alike because grass seed litter is such an exciting option for cat parents and we’d love to try it. 

We’ve been using Frisco Lavender Fields clumping clay litter from Chewy for a couple of years now. Although I think it is a little more dusty now (when pouring) than it used to be pre-pandemic, it’s still a great option in our humble opinion. We have found the odor control is fantastic, it lasts a couple weeks in our multicat home with regular scooping; and for clay litter, it isn’t nearly as dusty as some are. 

As for the scent options, I’ve never really smelled any kind of perfume (which is good). They do have an unscented version just in case you or your cat are extra sensitive. Best of all, it is affordable on most budgets. We do autoship with Chewy which saves a little more money too.  

Cozy Comforts

Liz’s Pick: Thermotex FAR Infrared Heating Pet Bed

Use code CHARLIESARMY10 to get 10% and 20% of the sale is donated to Philly animal rescue Charlie’s Army.

Infrared heat is used to treat pain and stiffness and promote wound healing by increasing circulation and penetrating deep into the layers of the skin (more so than a regular heating pad). It’s painless and easy to use. This Thermotex FAR Infrared Heating Pet Bed provides comfort for any cat, but can be especially beneficial for cats with chronic pain like arthritis. Since I got this bed, my cats use it on a rotational basis, and I expect their usage to increase in colder months (I purchased it during the summertime). With them sharing the bed, I think they sort of know to climb in the bed when they want or need to, which is fascinating to observe!

As far as cat products go, this is more expensive than the other ones Holly and I have recommended. But, I do think it’s worth it, especially for older cats. If you decide to order, use code CHARLIESARMY10 to save 10% and Thermotex will donate 20% of the sale to Philly animal rescue Charlie’s Army. The founder, Marie, is fantastic and introduced me to this glorious pet bed.

Next up from Holly, a water-resistant pet blanket? YES, PLEASE!

Holly’s Pick: Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Blankets

I have purchased several different kinds of cat blankets from Furrybaby and our cats love every single one of them. I’ve even purchased one as a gift for a family member’s cat and he feels the same! They are so soft, warm, and easy to machine wash. We’ve placed these in their favorite napping spot (the bay window) and it’s not unusual to find them dreaming the day away in luxury, soaking up the sun!

Thinking about it, these blankets would be a great pair with Liz’s pick, the Thermotex Infrared Heating bed! Don’t you think?

Top 3 Training Tools

Liz’s 1st Pick: Delectables Tube Treats

There is no way I could make progress with fearful or aggressive cats without these Delectables tube treats. They are priced slightly less than INABA Churu, but work the same. I like to get the large container that has four flavors. Whether I’m putting the treat on the ground, on the end of a wand, on my finger, or by their mouth to lick, it really helps gain trust and trains cats that we humans aren’t so bad.

Liz’s 2nd Pick: Clicker – Karen Pryor Clik Stik

Clicker training is an excellent way to teach a cat to sit, high five, or even just allow petting. Of all the clickers out there, the extendable wand on the Karen Pryor Clik Stik is a must for me. The ball at the end is attention grabbing, making it easy to get a cat to paw at it or touch their nose to it. I also use it with aggressive cats – I can work with them but still maintain a safe distance.

Liz’s 3rd Pick: Feliway Calming Spray

I know the Feliway Calming Diffuser gets all the glory, but I actually prefer Feliway Calming Spray. It’s fantastic to use on the spot, and you don’t need to wait long for it to kick in. You can spray a carrier before going to the vet, a nervous cat’s favorite spot on the couch, or the living room before you have guests over. I find it works very well in the short-term, and it’s helpful to control where you’re applying it (as opposed to the diffuser which just goes up and around the area where you plug it in).

Another option that can work similar to the Feliway Calming Spray is Bach Rescue Remedy. It works well before, during and after any stressful situations. You can put drops directly in the cat’s mouth or mix in food or water.

Holly’s Pick: Dinovite Rabbit Treats

Black and white cat eating treats.
Pips enjoys noms.

Our cats absolutely love these Dinovite Rabbit Treats! As mama, I love that they’re healthy without fillers and other junk. When I want to reinforce positive behaviors, offer a reward, or teach a new trick, I reach for these. They’re great for a “just because I love you” treat too!  

To be honest, I once again agree with Liz’s picks 100% (no surprise there!). We are especially fond of the Feliway Calming Spray. Just as Liz mentioned, we spray it into the cat carrier about 30 minutes to 1 hour before a car ride.  It has made ALL the difference in their “oh no, we’re going somewhere,” anxiety!

Liz’s Final Thoughts

We hope you find these cat products helpful! Thanks again, Holly, for joining me on this article.

Holly’s Final Thoughts

I would just like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you, Liz, for inviting me to join you on your amazing blog. I am honored to partner with you and it’s always a lot of fun. You are a wealth of knowledge, a kind soul, and a talented writer. Here’s to more collaborations in the future! 

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Liz’s amazing guide on how to save money on your cat care bills. It’s a must-read for all cat parents.  

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