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Slow Feeder Dish by My Lovely Feline – Review

My Lovely Feline just released a new slow feeder dish designed specifically for cats. Slow feeders and food puzzle are growing increasingly popular in the cat world for multiple reasons, which we’ll talk about. I’ll also discuss how it works and the pros and cons. What Is a Slow Feeder Slow feeders or food puzzles […]

Kitty Kare Korner Peeing/Pooping Product Recommendations

Three Budget-Friendly Cat Litters That Smell Like Roses … Almost

Discover my top three picks for cat litter that doesn’t stink … no, really!

Eating/Drinking Product Recommendations

5 Reasons Cats Love Water Fountains

Learn why your cats like running water and how cat water fountains can help them stay hydrated and healthy.

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Cat Water Fountains: Fancy & Affordable

I’m a big fan of cat water fountains, because I firmly believe the sound, smell, and sight of moving water makes cats drink more of it. With hydration a key component to health, you can see why this is important. My issue: I’ve always struggled to keep cat water fountains clean. While many cat water […]

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Best Cat Toys: Yeowww!® Catnip Products

Raise your hand if this has happened to you: You find the coolest cat toy ever. It’s amazing. It’s got feathers. It says it has catnip. It’s everything your cat could want and more. You excitedly bring it home, pull it out of the bag, give it to your cat and … he walks away […]

Activity/Playing/Training Product Recommendations

Best Cat Shelves: ContempoCat Wall Steps

Discover an attractive and affordable cat furniture solution with ContempoCat Wall Climbing Steps.