Foster Diary

Building Trust with Shy Teddy: A Foster Story

Learn the secret to how I’ve unlocked my shy foster Theodore.

Foster Diary Health Teeth

Cat Dental Disease & The Curious Case of Sir Buttons’ Teeth

Understand cat dental disease and how to read post-op notes from a dental procedu

Aggression/Anxiety/Fear Behavior Foster Diary Handling

Mama Lemon: An Outdoor Cat’s Journey Home

One outdoor cat’s story from pregnancy through delivery, from shelter care through foster care, and ultimately from spay through returning home.

Feline Panleukopenia Foster Diary Health

10ish Things I Learned About Feline Panleukopenia

Learn all about the virus feline panleukopenia, including what cat populations are most at-risk, symptoms, treatments, prevention and more.

Aggression/Anxiety/Fear Allergies Behavior Foster Diary Health

My Neck, My Back, Allergies in My Cat

Explanation of the three types of allergies in cats, including symptoms, costs, maintenance level, and short- and long-term management solutions.

Behavior Foster Diary Health

Foster Diary: The Mystery of Sprinkle’s Hormones

When I picked up Sprinkle, I thought I was just getting a moody cat with a raccoon tail that needed socialization. She had been through a lot over the past few months. Her family was evicted from their home and she was taken to ACCT Philly. At one point, she was lost in the ceiling […]

Foster Diary Health Peeing/Pooping

Foster Diary: Fake Ferals, Gross Poop & Parasites

Battling kitten diarrhea and parasites.

Foster Diary Health

A-CHOO! Kitty Colds & URIs

Review of the annoying kitty cold and how to treat it.

Foster Diary Handling

Cellulitis from Cat Bites & How to Treat It

All about cellulitis, the symptoms, and what you need to do to get it treated.