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Top 3 Automatic Cat Toys

See my top 3 picks for automatic cats toys and find out why they keep my cats so entertained and engaged.

Automatic cat toys are a fantastic way to add enrichment to your cat’s day-to-day environment. After all, being indoors can be boring and you aren’t always available to play. Solitary play is also important to a cat’s happiness, and automatic toys encourage that. These are Liz’s Kitty Boot Camp’s top three automatic toys.

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#1 PetLinks Mystery Motion Cat Toy

The PetLinks Mystery Motion Cat Toy has been a hit with nearly every cat and foster I’ve used it with. My behavior consulting clients also report that their cats love it too! A feather attachment moves underneath a cloth, encouraging the cat to hunt and bat at “prey.” Sometimes, because of the spinning motion, the feather will be concealed by the cloth and that further entertains the cats (they enjoy chasing items that are concealed). Of the 3-4 brands I’ve tried, this one is the most durable. It has four speeds, which is perfect to keep cats with different personalities entertained. It also shuts off on its own after 10 minutes. I also like that the cloth can easily be wiped down if it gets dirty (or becomes the victim of a hairball).

As far as cons, my cats absolutely love this toy, so we definitely go through a decent amount of AA batteries (it takes 3 at a time). Really worth it for how entertained they are though!

#2 Petcronies Cat Wand Toy

One of my fabulous clients called the Petcronies Cat Wand Toy the “rail tail” toy, and that’s what I think of every time I see it. This automatic cat toy has a plastic base with a long rubber simulated animal tail attached to it. After charging the base with a USB, you press a button, and the rubbery tail whips around at different speeds and rotations to keep the cat’s attention. My cats just hear the sound that it’s on (which isn’t loud) and they come running. It auto shuts off after 10 minutes, and a 2-hour full charge gives your cats 1 hour of playtime. The tails are made of food-grade, non-toxic silicone and two are included with the toy. You can buy just the replacement tails at a low cost.

#3 ALL FOR PAWS Butterfly Flutter Bug Automatic Cat Toy

The ALL FOR PAWS Butterfly Flutter Bug Automatic Cat Toy is your way to get a butterfly or moth in the house – permanently! The plastic base holds an iridescent butterfly attached with a metal wand. Just press the button and the butterfly spins 360 degrees, looking like it’s flapping its wings. The toy includes two butterflies, and you can buy more replacements if needed.

What automatic cat toys do your cats enjoy? What should I try? Comment and let me know!

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