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How to Destress Your Cat for Vet Visits

What you need to know to transport your kitty to the vet.

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Foster Diary: The Mystery of Sprinkle’s Hormones

When I picked up Sprinkle, I thought I was just getting a moody cat with a raccoon tail that needed socialization. She had been through a lot over the past few months. Her family was evicted from their home and she was taken to ACCT Philly. At one point, she was lost in the ceiling […]


Pet Cancer Part II: Fibrosarcoma

Pet cancer is scary, but you aren’t in it alone. For cats, the most common cancers are feline lymphoma and feline injection-site sarcomas (ISSs). Vito had fibrosarcoma, which is vaccine-induced, so that’s what I’ll discuss here. And before you pull out your pitch fork, please read this entry in its entirety and DO NOT stop […]

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Solliquin: A Calming Supplement for Cats

Solliquin is a supplement for cats and dogs designed to combat stress and anxiety.

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Predicting the Unpredictable: Impulse Control Aggression in Cats

Learn the ins and outs of impulse control aggression in cats.

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Education Station: Top 10 Reasons Ball-less Is Flawless

Top 10 reasons you need to spay and neuter your dogs and cats.

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Dead Gifts: Why Your Cat Is Showing You How to Hunt

Learn why cats bring home dead animals.

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The Lucy Chronicles: Unraveling the Aftermath of Cat Neglect & Abuse

Discover how to help an abused or neglected animal adjust to your safe home.

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My Passion, My Gift

The moment when I realized my experiences with cats and kittens may help others.