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Why Cats Groom & Rub Each Other

Allogrooming and allorubbing is when cats groom or rub against other cats, animals, objects, or their humans. (Other animals allogroom and allorub, but we’re sticking to cats in this article.) It’s a crucial part in how they communicate and also bond, so understanding why they do it is important to every cat parent. As usual, […]

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7 Facts About Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Learn six important facts about hyperthyroidism in cats, including symptoms and treatments.

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Parasites in Cats: Roundworms aka Spaghetti Imposters

We’re back to diving into the ewy world of parasites, specifically roundworms. Because they are so common and can actually be seen in your cat’s vomit or stool, it’s important to understand where they come from, how to treat them, and how to lower your cat’s exposure to them. Nearly every cat is exposed to […]

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Parasites in Cats: Tapeworms & Their Rice Grain Butts

Meet a tapeworm and learn how he gets into your cat, what he does while he’s in there, and how to get him out!

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Tips for Cleaning Your Cat’s Fur, Ears, Eyes & More

Tips on how to help your cat stay clean and monitor for health issues.

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How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails

How to cut a cat’s nails.