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7 Tips: Stop Cats from Waking You Up at Night

Understand why cats are active at night and what you can do to prevent them from waking you up.

Handling Health Medicine

Tips & Tricks: How to Give Cats Medicine

Learn the best tips and tricks on how to give cats medicine.

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Why Cats Groom & Rub Each Other

Allogrooming and allorubbing is when cats groom or rub against other cats, animals, objects, or their humans. (Other animals allogroom and allorub, but we’re sticking to cats in this article.) It’s a crucial part in how they communicate and also bond, so understanding why they do it is important to every cat parent. As usual, […]

Product Recommendations

The Best Cat Products: Scratchers, Toys & More

Discover the best cat products you need to get for your fur babies.


My Guest Post: 7 Tips to Save Money on Vet Bills

Learn how to save on your cat’s vet bills, even if they’re sick.

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7 Facts About Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Learn six important facts about hyperthyroidism in cats, including symptoms and treatments.

Allergies Health

Redonyl: Treatment for Cats With Allergies, Anxeity & Itchy Skin

Cat with allergies and itchy skin don’t have to suffer. Find out how Redonyl Ultra Feline works and where you can get it.

Behavior Peeing/Pooping

Peeing Outside the Box: 4 Reasons Cats Housesoil

Learn about the four reasons cats housesoil (pee or poop outside the box), including litter box aversion, as well as location, substrate, and surface preference.


Resource Guarding in Cats: Stop Litter Box Ambushes

Learn about resource guarding in cats and how to prevent litter box ambushes.