Handling Thinks & Blinks

Thinks & Blinks: 5 Rules for Greeting Cats

Gain a better understanding of cat behavior, and learn what you can do to properly greet and communicate with a cat you just met.

Health Lucy Chronicles

The Lucy Chronicles: A Really, Really, Really Bad Case of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

Learn about feline allergy dermatitis (FAD) and how it affected my long-term foster Lucy.

Behavior Nails/Scratching Product Recommendations

Best Cat Tree & Scratcher: Sauder Modular Modern Cat Tower

Find out why I love the Sauder cat tree.

Kitty Kare Korner Nails/Scratching

Kitty Kare Korner: Scratching Tips “My nails are pretty. Look at this sofa and I’ll show you how they work.”

Everything you need to know about cat scratchers.

Health Product Recommendations

Best Cat Cone of Shame: The Comfy Cone

See what cone of shame I recommend post-op.

Foster Diary Health

Foster Diary: Ma, Where Are My Eyelids?

How eyelid reconstruction for one kitten’s birth defects saved his eyes.

About Liz Behavior

My Passion, My Gift

The moment when I realized my experiences with cats and kittens may help others.

About Liz

Hissy? Swatty? Bitey? Gimmie!

The moment I fell in love with fostering.

About Liz Handling

How It All Started

I grew up studying cat behavior without even knowing it.